...Darken-9:02 AM

someone ask me to update...
so... ya.. updated (: HAHAH !!
nice right.. i cannot dun listen to her.. can die (: HAHA !
tt's all..
main point is.. i kinda hate sch... but still.. sch's somehow fun at times (: HEHE !

...Darken-4:13 PM

i'm back from THAILAND...
but.. i wish i wasn't back at all.. thou life over there is like.. free and like routine..
wake up, shop eat shop eat shop eat.. spend money litad..
everything is kinda peaceful..
coming back.. facing my dad.. wtf..
why issit tt we have to quarrel on the 1st day i'm back.. why.. i totally dunno why..
i'm not rude.. i jus cant stand ur attitude and tone..
say i'm hot-tempered.. yes.. there're things i jus cant change...
maybe.. one day or rather soon, i'll leave.. and bunk in wif my mum..
i noe, it seems like a loser .. but i reali have no choice..
i'll work.. and support myself.. nv touch a single cent from u..
be a SINGLE CHILD family...

...Darken-9:15 PM

SAY GOODBYE !!! (: sunday.. i'll be leaving for thailand! (: (:
cool stuff is.. i'll be taking a PLANE.. hahah (: yes yes yes.. damm noob i noe... -.-
hahahahahaha, FEI JI !! (: HEHEHE!!
10 days trip !!!! i will come back on WED, that's when my sch already started for like.. 2 days already HAHAH (: UH OH !! warning letter.. but i DUN CARE HAHAH ! (:
will be going wif 6other ppl:
-adam cousin- pauline
-pauline's friend - **** i dunno hahha!!

HOPEFULLY it's gonna be a FUN TRIP and.. good shopping 10 days (: HAHAH
thou... full moon party at kho phangan is cancelled.. due to veri.. troublesome travelling problem, at Pattaya we gonna experience full moon party as well (: (: HAHA!!
gonna miss ppl in Singapore man (x hahah..
it's like.. hahha somehow i wish i am not going.. so i wont miss ppl here.. but there's like another strong urge.. asking myself to leave here asap.. HAHA!! wadeverrr.. i'm cfm going (: HEHEHE
SO TAKE CARE ALL !!! (: (: (:

...Darken-6:07 AM

Short update on 1st 2 DAYs of sch haha !!
1st day:
suppose to start at 8AM !! but due to 1st week, there's no lab and tut. so sch starts at 4pm..
TOOK TRAIN TO SCH... didnt bring my ipod.. so listened to music from my iphone.. AND E WORST THING is - the train ride is like.. never gonna reach my destination -.- !!
take damm freaking long.. and still not at bedok yet..
and.. once i reach bedok.. i took a step out of the train..
it doesn't feel fresh at all.. like.. YUCKY - is the word to describe.. zzz
so... meet around 1pm.. to do some work.. like printing of report + binding..
after tt lect at 4-6 ... slacked abit in sch.. den went to meet james and ken at bugis and went clementi haha.. jus to eat.. and talk bout our year end travel to THAILAND...
and.. tix're BOOKED !! (: (: wooo plane RIDE.. cannot wait for u !!
20th dec - 29th DEC !! (: (: (: (: !!
still can come back for NEW YEAR CELEBRATION hahha (X

Tuesday: lesson at 2PM
suppose to have APEL lesson at 8am.. fight wif teacher ask him to cancel and it's cancelled.. but...
next week will start at 8am.. OMGGG hahha guess i wont go lo hah !
since apel is stupid ! (:
reached sch and looked at my time table.. i cannot find the lab i am suppose to go.. walked around my sch but still cannot find.. called my friend and finally found it.. actually i saw it earlier on.. jus tt e window is tinted black.. sooo.. i jus walked past ! =x after tt...
lect from 4-5 , 5-6...
i went for e 4-5 one..
after tt.. WENT HOME hahhahaa...
cuz i need to do my poster.. for major project.. and everything is done now !!
NOW.. having my 1st meal of e day.. LAKSA !! (x ahaha
tt's all !!

...Darken-12:48 PM

16 weeks HAS passed... it's suppose to be e end of my attachment today!!
being greedy by nature (x i went to extend my attachment program, haha wif e pay rise* of 20+ per day to 50 per DAY ! (: i am super happy after e conversation wif my boss !!
lucky he's in good mood (:
reason for extending is because i feel that i should do a proper handing over to the next attachment kid coming in *probably next week.
i dun feel good leaving things halfway as it is currently =x
soooo hopefully the attachment kid will come soon, and i can train him fast fast.. den leave le..
if he dun come, den i shall slack and earn my boss $$ (:

life's been pretty boring... guess that's e way it is right now..
phone sucks.. life sucks... i suckss !!!
it's been soooo long.. and.. still...

...Darken-9:26 AM

你好嗎? 你在哪里? 哈哈哈! LOLS 我想。。。 (dunno the ping yin le...)

...Darken-6:24 PM

why leave me hanging !! ):

Hello hello hello

Thirty1st/March/NineteenEighty9 (:
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